Coaches.....Turning Dreams Into Reality

Do you have a Bucket List? 

It’s not as morbid as it may seem. And I believe everyone should have one.

Times passes faster than we expect and before you know it, you are looking back over the years and thinking; “How did I miss it?”

I wish I had started my bucket list earlier in life. But recently, I was able to complete an item on my bucket list: To compete in a dance competition!

I had no formal training, but dance has been in my blood since I was a little girl. Dance has been such a passion my entire life that I wanted to push myself to see how good a dancer am I really……or am I good at all?

But my dream of dancing wasn’t going to get my feet moving in the right direction on their own! I needed help and I needed professional help.

I started with group lessons and while I was learning, I also found community with others through a common interest.  But I realized I needed more personal attention if I wanted to get better, so I hired a Dance Coach.

He educated me on the competition requirements, which division and which dances I should compete in. He helped me improve my dance with one-on-one practice and provided the tools I needed to compete with confidence. It was absolutely worth the time, money and energy and YES, I would do it again. 

It is easy to see why people hire coaches for dance or a sport.

But why would someone hire a coach for their “life”? As a Personal Coach, I hear this a lot, along with “My life must be pretty bad to need a coach!”

That could not be further from the truth!

  • Maybe you have an item on your bucket list and the clock keeps ticking.   

  •   Maybe you don’t have a bucket list or a goal but you know you need goals. But you are too overwhelmed to focus on it.

  • Maybe you have a project that you can’t seem to finish.

  • Maybe you are constantly rushing everywhere with no margin in your life.

  • Maybe you are ready for something to change but you don’t know where to start or what that would even look like.

  • Maybe you feel like you are on that merry-go-round. You want to jump off but you can’t seem to get the courage to make the leap.

  • Maybe you are in a season of transition and have questions about what to do next.

Did you know that:

  • A coach will bring an objective perspective.

  • A coach will cheer you on, encourage and support you.

  • A coach will give you positive reinforcement, not judgment or criticism.

  • A coach will challenge you and push you to be better. Because we want to quit when it gets hard.

  •   A coach will provide accountability – which is something we don’t like but we need. Otherwise we would just do it.

Here’s the big “secret”; We have to do the work. The coach cannot do it for us.

I had to practice and do the drills. It was not always fun but it was necessary.

So why would you hire a Personal Coach? Why would you hire me?

If I were to ask you what is most important for your growth, you may answer:

  • To find meaningful work.

  • To be financially independent

  • To figure out what to do next

  • To get unstuck with being overwhelmed with all the “to-do’s”.

  • To pursue a dream but where to begin.

So the real question to ask yourself is:  

Am I ready?

Am I ready to do the work that will get to my goals and dreams or just get unstuck!

If it were easy, you would have done it by now.

And as I learned, all my dreaming, wishing and passion for dance was not enough to transfer my Bucket List item into reality.

I was ready to invest in the work to get to a goal that was important for me.  That’s not selfish. That’s focusing on goals that bring quality of life that I don’t want to miss.

Are you ready?