Right Here, Right Now

Right Here, Right Now | Michele Woodall Blog

Did you ever hear something that you can’t get out of your head? Maybe it is the words to a song; it may not even be a song that you like. But once you’ve heard it, the words kept playing over and over like a record that had a scratch in it. It was stuck. And that was me. I was stuck.
I was in a service when I experienced one of those moments. A speaker said something that stuck in my head. Unlike a bad song, the phrase was very thought provoking. It was something that apparently I needed to hear. “Right here, right now” was what the speaker said. In other words, what are you waiting for?

This may be a familiar expression to you. Maybe as a parent you have said this because you were tired of listening to your child’s excuses for not picking up after them. So you found yourself saying, “Right here, right now, you are going to clean your room.” Maybe it makes you think about a conversation you wanted to have with someone and they kept avoiding you. So you got to the point where you are saying,” Right here, right now we are going to talk.”
For me, I was the one that this was being said to. It had to be said. It was time for me to hear it. I could not get it out of my head. I believe God was telling me, “Right here, right now, let’s go. I need you to start doing what I have called you to do.” No more excuses. I thought they were reasons but if I am honest, they were just excuses. Why not now? What was stopping me from moving?

You see for a while I knew I needed to make a change but I wasn’t sure what that looked like. Once I discovered what I was supposed to do, well then, I went through the whole self-doubt phase. Is this really what I am supposed to do? Not me, you must mean someone else, right? I am not qualified; I don’t have the right skills, looks, age, etc. You name it; I don’t have it because you can’t possibly mean me. If you are carrying a lot of baggage, you can be in this phase for a long time.

Once I accepted and started to embrace the idea, the question phase began. What else do I need in order to do this well? Is this really the right time? Maybe I should wait a little longer and really be ready. If you like to ask questions like I do, this is a place you can stay in for a while too.

What was I waiting for? To be better equipped? To have more money? To be more ready? To have more time? When will I ever have enough of whatever it is I think I need?

I needed to just start, take a step, get moving. If I did need something, well then, I would figure it out and work on getting it when I got to that place. I just needed to move. Once I started moving, things started to happen. I began to feel a sense of accomplishment. Motion certainly feels better than being stuck. You see, once you start moving you can make adjustments along the way, but it is difficult to adjust if you are not moving.

Are you stuck? Is there something you should be doing but you’re not? Right here, right now. Let’s go. Take a step. It may be the start of something great.

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