It's Spring! What's Blooming in Your Life?


I love this time of year!  Everywhere you look, the plants are turning green, flowers are popping up out of the ground and tree buds are appearing!

One of my favorite things to do is to watch as the buds slowly open up over days or weeks as they become a beautiful flower. I love the anticipation of when the flower will appear and what it will look like.

Springtime reminds me of life, new beginnings and growth.  

What is growing in your life?

Do you have a goal, a project, or dream that you want to see blossom? Have you set a plan in place? Are you pouring ideas and energy (watering) into it? Or, maybe it hasn’t even been planted yet because you have to first do some digging and just can’t seem to get started.

Just like the plants, we need to start somewhere to fully develop into the person, dream or next step in life.

Maybe you are in The Greenhouse. You want to get outside, to be planted and see new blooms but the thought of even getting started causes you to stay stuck. Stuck inside the greenhouse. The thought of where to begin is overwhelming. That was me. Although, when I think back, I didn’t even realize I was so stuck.  But that was exactly where I was. I was an observer of everyone else moving forward and I was simply going through the motions.

It took a traumatic event and some amazing people to help me see it was time for me to get out of my comfort zone and start planting.

Or…you may be in The Planting Stage. You have the seeds in your hand but you need to dig to make room for them in your garden. This is great! You are out and you are ready to get started. This means it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get a little dirty. Don’t be afraid of the time or work it will take. Get the shovel out!

Ah! But where to begin! I get it. I didn’t know where to begin either. But over time, with the help of the right people and taking one step at a time, I found the planting process just that, a process of many steps. Just like planting a garden, you need tools, resources, watering, weed-pulling and waiting until you get the final results! Even if I only took baby steps, I just kept moving forward.

Or….you may be in The Taking Root Stage. You have an idea or plan but now have to do the work to make sure it takes root.  Don’t quit now. It may be more challenging than you anticipated but you’ve got this! Keep watering. You will see the stems start to peek through.

Or…you may be in The Sprouting Stage. You have a goal, you have done the work and you are just waiting for the buds to appear. Good for you. Keep at it.  It will happen! And in the meantime, you cannot afford to take your eye off your goals. We can get so excited to see results after working so hard that we can forget to continue to nurture both the dream and the dreamer. Don’t forget YOU – and self-care!

I encourage you to ask yourself: What stage am I in?   

The Greenhouse: Is there a dream, a potential opportunity or maybe you have forgotten how to dream and now you’re stuck in the greenhouse?

The Planting Stage: What idea needs encouraging, sorted out and prepared for planting?

The Taking Root Stage: Are you growing weary after working so hard and yet you don’t see any fruit? Are you ready to give up?

The Sprouting Stage: Are you taking this short break to focus on self-care? Because when it’s harvest time, you need to be the best you to reap and deliver!

If you answered “yes” to any of the stages, remember that to get through it, having a garden buddy can mean the difference between giving up and reaping a great harvest! Who is that person that will come alongside and roll up their sleeves with you?

We all need that wise counsel because we simply cannot be objective about ourselves. We need that person cheering us on to grow into the person that we were made to be. It helps to know we are not alone and have a person who will simply stand and water the garden with us.

Go bloom!