Coaching! It's Not Just for Sports. Let's get moving forward, meeting goals, and enjoying life more!


When I tell people what I do, most of the time I hear: "What is a Life Coach?

I would ask what do you think of when you hear that someone is a Football Coach, a Swimming Coach, a Dance Coach or a Boxing Coach?

When it comes to sports, people immediately understand and expect a coach to be a part of the team. We easily understand the value of a coach in the athletic world. In fact, it’s a given. Every sport has a coach.  Whether it’s a team of 10 to 50 or the single athlete, there will always be a coach to formulate the game plan or strategy based on the team or individual’s strengths and skills.

These coaches help to maintain focus on the goals, to provide tools, equipment, experience, knowledge to win, to encourage and cheer, and to challenge so that the team/individual is able to meet their goals and succeed. This is the person that the athlete looks to before, during, and after a competition. When we cheer for the one on the platform or on the field, it’s because a coach has invested in them.

But what about a Life Coach?  Most people don’t realize or think about why then would I need one. It’s life, after all and it may sound weird or like counseling.

A Life Coach is not a counselor. Counseling focuses on past issues, struggles, and destructive behaviors to help you work on healthy emotions and relationships.

Conversely, coaching works in the present and moves you forward toward behaviors that will help you achieve your goals. To really get at the life you want to be living!   

The fact remains: We simply cannot be objective about ourselves.

We want to be. We think we are, yet we all struggle with this at some point

Ask yourself these questions:

1.    Do you find yourself setting the same goals and never achieving them?         

Perhaps you start things with great enthusiasm and intentions but somewhere  along the way, you find yourself not finishing or starting over again…and again….  A Life Coach can help you set realistic goals, stay focused, and hold you accountable. There’s that word “accountable” that most of us don’t like. But the realty is if it were easy we would simply meet and exceed goals consistently.

2.    Do you find yourself repeating the same behavior?

 This is about our habits, not goal setting. Do you keep hitting that same wall? A Life Coach will come alongside and help you to find another way, whether it’s to stop a habit or create a different approach.

3.    When was the last time you had fun?

Maybe your schedule is too busy? Are you taking care of everyone else but you? Maybe your job demands all of your time. A Life Coach can help you find balance. There is time for you and a coach can help you find it.

4.    Are you struggling with a loss that you can’t seem to get past?

Maybe it is a relationship, a job, a dream, or a loved one. There is a time to grieve yet sometimes we get stuck in the grief. It becomes our new normal and we don’t know how to move through it and live life again. A coach can help you maneuver through the challenges of a loss to discover there is life after loss.

5.    Do you find yourself asking, “Is this all there is”?

 Have you forgotten how to dream? Are you in a season of life looking for more or in transition and don’t know where to begin?  A life coach can help guide you through the process of discovering your dreams and passions.

6.    You know you need to make a change but the fear of change or the work involved is just too daunting? Or are you just comfortable?

 A Life Coach will help you to work through the obstacles, one at a time, encouraging you every step of the way.

The goal is always for YOU to win!

We all need someone in our life that will cheer us on, challenge us, support us, speak truth into us, encourage us, and know we are not alone. A Life Coach is that objective voice and ear that will help you stay focused, push you when necessary, and be your biggest cheerleader.